About Us


Hanging Out

Sunny Blue:

  • inspiration for Sunny Blue Productions
  • favorite activity – hanging out
  • favorite food – broccoli

I am a parakeet, or budgie as my cousins across the pond say. I spend my days hanging upside down, climbing the blinds, chattering about all kinds of issues and giving my mom reasons to laugh. She does use the camera a bit too much for my liking, but I hear I’ve got something of a fan following, whatever that is.


Marsh Musing

Deb (aka Bird Nerd, Crazy Bird Lady):

  • Sunny Blue’s caretaker
  • favorite activities:
    • bird watching
    • bird feeding
    • learning about birds
    • photographing birds and more

I am not a trained ornithologist or professional photographer, but birds and photography have always been interests of mine.  When combined in recent years, they have become passions. It is with joy that I observe and learn, share information, and bring the world around me to others through my stories and photographs.

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