September 2016 Bird of the Month

Green Heron

Green Heron 1(Click on images to enlarge.)

Information coming soon!

Green Heron 2 Green Heron 3












Green Heron Nestling Trio


Green Heron Juvenile











To learn more about this member of the heron family, visit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s website dedicated to the Green Heron:

After reading the identification page, be sure to click on the “Life History,” “Sound” and “Video” tabs to learn more.


Green Heron Profile 1

Green Heron 4

You can also find information (and peruse the photo gallery and listen to some audio clips of various calls) at Audubon’s website dedicated to this beautiful heron.

Audubon – Green Heron


Green Heron 5

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  1. Amanda Farris says:

    Do all heron babies have the fuzzy topnot?

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