January 2016 Bird of the Month

Wood Stork

Happy New Year!

Wood Stork - HBIn honor of the iconic image of a stork bringing in the New Year baby, the January bird of the month is the Wood Stork.  Unlike some former birds of the month that can be found in many places, the Wood Stork has a limited range in the United States. Fortunately, here on the coast of Carolina, we are graced with this huge and lovely bird in the wintertime. The Wood Stork is the only stork that breeds in the United States (in Florida), though most Wood Storks breed in Central and South America.

Wood Stork 4Wood Storks have featherless heads, long legs, and prominent bills. They are large birds, with a wingspan of about 5 to 6 feet.


Wood Stork - NBWood Stork in Flight

Wood Stork in Flight


The WooWood Stork 3d Stork is a fish-eating, wading bird. I love the way it balances by holding out a wing while foraging for food. The Wood Stork eats small fish like minnows.




The Wood Stork is a social bird, flying and hanging out in flocks. Notice the way it flies with its neck and legs extended.

Wood Stork Quad in FlightWood Storks Flying Over 1

It is a beautiful sight to see a tree full of Wood Storks on high.

Hanging on High Wood Stork 1 Wood Stork 2










NOTE:  The Wood Stork was formerly sometimes called a Wood Ibis.  It is not an ibis at all! Here is a Wood Stork and a White Ibis high in the trees.

Wood Stork and White Ibis


If you would like to learn more about the Wood Stork, visit the National Geographic and Cornell Lab of Ornithology websites below:

National Geographic – Wood Stork

Wood Stork

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    Love these pictures and if I am not a part of your group, I would like to be.

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