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 Hi, Everybody! Sunny Blue here.

In Your Face Shade of Blue

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I’m really enjoying this open-window time of year, when my outdoor friends and I can catch up on what’s been going on all summer. But that brings up something of a problem—an embarrassment, really. I hope you can help me out.Sunrise with Sunny


This is how my outdoor friends see me.  Can you find me?



You see, every time someone comes to visit Momma, they want to meet me. That’s pretty cool, because I really LOVE people…especially when they chatter to each other and to me.  But, here’s the problem: they keep asking the same old questions: “Does he talk?” “Has he said anything?” “Do you think he’s ever going to talk?”

Let me set the record straight. I talk. I talk a LOT.

I keep trying to teach Momma to communicate with me in Budgie, but she insists on repeating (to be more specific—incessantly repeating) inane phrases in her primary language, which, according to her friends, is called English. In my not-so-humble opinion, it really isn’t very pretty. ISunny Peeks thrugh the Blinds doesn’t have any of the lilt and rhythm that Budgie has. But I’ve got to give her credit for trying. “Good morning, Sunshine!” “Sunny Blue’s a good boy.” “Pretty bird!” “Nite, nite!” Blah, blah, blah…

I do like it when she sings, and I accompany her in Budgie. It sure would be fun if we could sing in the same voice, so I’ll keep trying to teach her my beautiful language. I must say, though, that she’s being kind of stubborn. When my outdoor friends call in through an open window, asking, “Does she talk yet?” I must regretfully say, “No, not yet.”

So, I’ve hatched a plan. You see, Momma’s been playing language tapes for me since I moved in. The tapes are all about cheeseburgers, paradise, margaritas and some scary stuff like fins and volcanoes. I can’t really make sense of where she’s going with all of that, but the beat is pretty island-style and I’m a tropical bird, so I sing along for fun.

Anyway, back to language tapes. I thought maybe I’d make a language tape for her, so that she could study Budgie. Brilliant, huh?! I created my first set of lessons, complete with video to help her remember. Would you like to see?  Here’s the link:

Let Me Translate That: Lesson 1

Let me know what you think of Lesson 1! (And I’ll let you know if Momma ever gets it!)

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4 Responses to Sunny Blue Talks about Talkin’

  1. Kathy Johnson says:

    Hi Sunny Blue!…. You are a lovely budgie!!….How kind of you to teach your human some budgie… I hope she learns some so you can sing together….

    I think humans aren’t so good with sound as budgies so it probably will be hard….
    but I know she loves you a lot…….

    I live with 4 birds…. Gypsy Davy and Bellagio who are cockatiels and Major and Pauley who are Senegals…. this is their second home…..but we have a nice flock here now and I love living with them…. sometimes we listen to music….. Major speaks the most human….. I love them very much…..

    bye for now…. Kathy J

  2. Deb says:

    I’m packing my bags and heading to your place. It sounds like a lot of fun!
    Just kidding…somebody’s got to stay here and watch out for Momma. (She made me say that.)
    Sunny Blue

  3. Tina says:

    Sunny Blue, thanks for clarifying Budgie phrases for me! But I think you’ve erred on one big point: You’re not just the “King of your cage.” You’re the King of Momma’s whole heart and home!
    Signed, Tina, your Second-biggest Fan!

  4. Sunny Blue says:

    You’ve got me figured out, Tina! (Shhh…don’t tell Momma.)
    Thanks for being my fan! <3 Sunny

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