This website is for the birds!

Actually, it is for people who enjoy birds, whether you watch a few song birds at your backyard feeders or you plan your excursions around looking for birds you’ve never seen before. Anyone can enjoy and learn more about birds…all you need to do is look up, observe, and ask questions. You’ll be surprised what you’ll discover!

Cardinal Male on HighNorthern Cardinal, male

Discover ideas for observing birds and for attracting and feeding them.  Learn about specific birds with our “Bird of the Month” posts. Join in on the conversation with your own ideas and observations! Whether you have daily visits by birds common to your area (such as the female House Finch) or have a surprise visit by a rare-to-your-area species (such as this White-winged Dove, which is not common on the Carolina coast), every birding experience can bring unexpected delights and new knowledge.

House Finch, Female                                                          White-winged Dove

House Finch female White-winged Dove








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